Austin Concrete Contractors

With 1,660 projects under our belt, our experience and resources enable us to take on projects of any size and scope.  From site-cast concrete structures, to civil flat work, curb and drainage features, to custom foundations for many of Austin’s finest homes and country ranches, project diversity is a fundamental component of our business. Whatever the challenge is, we thrive on the projects that other companies shy away from.

Every employee, from senior management to our newest hire, understands that our Values and our Commitments are quite literally the “Structural Columns” that support who we are and what we stand for as a company. They serve as the framework for all our business decisions and clear and concise commitments to ourselves, and to our customers.

  • We are Entrepreneurial.
  • We Compete & we Keep Score.
  • Building it Right isn't what we do, it's Who we Are.
  • We are Technical Builders.
  • We Excel at Safety all the time.
  • Keep Commitments. Deliver on Promises.
We are Entrepreneurs

But what does that mean?     To our minds, being entrepreneurial is about a spirit  of discovery. Always being on the lookout for alternative ways to build it better, or solutions to solve a problem. And as it happens in business, solving problems and coming up with solutions often leads to new opportunities, and more business.

We compete and we keep score.

Goals.  Gotta have them, since if you’re in business, you’re competing by default. And the way we look at it, you’ll never know how you’re doing, if you don’t keep score.

Building it right isn't what we do. It's who we are.

We started talking about this value when one of our employees made the observation that in some professions you occasionally meet people who pursue their work with such passion that it simply defines who they are.  They don’t see their work as a task, or a chore, or even what they do for a living, but in how they define themselves. It’s who they are.

We are technical builders.

Now don’t get us wrong, it would be great if every project could be built on a perfectly flat site next to a ready-mix plant, but if your commercial project has some technical challenges – and most do, or if the lot for your dream home is more “view” than “lot”, then we’ve got you covered.

We excel at safety all the time.

Walk onto any multi-story project and the importance of a well developed safety policy is immediately clear.  While safety risks may be less apparent on a residential or a civil project, our safety awareness and standards are the same. Simply put, we believe that all accidents are preventable, and all projects can be completed incident and injury free.

Keep commitments. Deliver on promises.

It’s all about Trust, which is the cornerstone of every long-lasting business partnership. The best way, the only way, to maintain the trust of our customers is to keep our commitments.

Our Customers

We work very closely with our residential customers, who include many of Austin’s top builders and their design teams, to identify the most cost effective and executable means and methods to bring their design to reality.   Our residential customers have been recognized nationally and internationally for innovative and elegant design and have claimed a long list prestigious awards, including multiple “Pacesetter Awards”,  “America’s Best Builder” and “Austin’s Custom Builder of the Year”.

We are also proud to serve a growing number of top regional and national general contractors who are leading the industry in areas such as sustainable and/or LEED designed construction, building information modeling (BIM) and lean construction principals.

We have built many long-standing relationships over the years and have earned a reputation for being both a great contractor and a trusted partner.

Our Management Team

Our management philosophy is founded on two fundamental beliefs:  1) that the sharing of information and its discussion among all team members, from front-line superintendents to senior leadership creates an inclusive organizational culture, and; 2) that an inclusive culture is the best employee motivator because it creates an environment for innovation and exceptional performance. When employees are allowed to seek their own solutions to a task, innovations will result and overall employees perform their work at higher levels, and with a greater sense of satisfaction.

Mark Whaling  |  Chief Executive Officer

Mark is a born problem solver and a tenacious builder of businesses. Through his investment firm, Position & Hold Investments, LLC, he provides strategic direction, leadership and investment capital to businesses in the Construction Services, Financial Services, and Environmental/Green Building industries. Prior to his investment in Austin Concrete Development, Mark served as Chief Operating Officer of A Greater Austin Development Company and brings 21-years of international operational experience assembling and motivating teams, raising capital, financial reporting, and executing against business plans for start-ups, turnarounds and acquisitions in the Financial Services and Heavy Construction industries. Mark is also a private and instrument rated pilot, and as a result suffers from an uncontrollable urge to look up whenever an airplane flies overhead.  You can reach Mark by email at:

Rich Ponce  |  President

Satisfaction for Rich is standing on structure, ideally one made from concrete, knowing he played a role in taking it from “paper” to “reality”.  Because building it right isn’t what Rich does, it’s who he is.  With over 25-years of construction experience, Rich has collaborated on more than 1,400 residential, commercial and civil concrete projects to date and along the way built many long-standing relationships.  Rich prides himself on being both a great contractor and a trusted partner to many of the region’s most successful builders, architects, engineers and general contractors.  An avid hunter, Rich loves to unwind by spending quality time with his two canine “kids” – Willie and Lucy, our official company mascots.

Cheri Courtney  |  Sr. Estimator / Project Manager - Residential Projects

The daughter of an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers, Cheri quite literally has been involved in construction her entire life, and with that childhood it was no surprise that she later got her construction degree from Texas A&M.  Gig’em.  Thankfully Cheri has resisted the urge to “Maroon Out” the walls of her office, preferring instead the decorative tones of a constant flow of architectural plans.  Because as Cheri sees it, preparing a high quality estimate is like putting together a giant 3-D puzzle, it demands a unique skill set that blends the designer’s vision and the builders technical skill.  It’s a mental game and she loves it.

Dustin Wilson  |  Estimator / Project Manager

The son of a local home builder, growing up in the construction industry, Dustin discovered at a very early stage that he had a passion for building. A 2013 graduate of Texas State University at San Marcos with a degree in Concrete Management, over the past number years Dustin has honed his estimating and project management skills on a growing number of complex commercial, civil and residential projects.

Jack Cook  |  General Superintendent

Not only did Jack Cook grow up in construction, but he grew up in the most dynamic and exciting part of the construction industry – Concrete. Ok, ok….so we’re a little biased. As a little kid Jack would run off with his father’s slump test kit and spend the day experimenting with as many aggregate and water combinations as his childhood imagination could conjure up.  Fast forward to today, and when he’s not busy managing production activity on job sites spread all over Central Texas, he’s relaxing at home with his wife and their precious little daughter.

Rodrigo Martinez  |  General Superintendent

Meg Drucker  |  Sr. Accoutant

Elias Mendiola  |  Site Superintendent / Commercial Projects

Jim Underwood  |  Site Superintendent / Commercial and Residential Projects

Sohamy Underwood  |  Superintendent / Commercial Projects

Noe Perez  |  Construction Services Manager