Decorative Concrete St. Andrews Episcopal Chapel Austin, TX

The elegant, forward looking 4000 sq. ft. McGill Chapel on the grounds of the Lower School campus was designed to highlight the stunning use of architectural finish concrete.  Our scope of work included the placement of multiple 22 ft. exterior radius walls that support the primary building structure, flanked by a dramatic 50 ft. concrete steeple.  In order to achieve the architect’s vision for project, a number of concrete finish options were prepared, before arriving at the chosen surface finish outlined with pinpoint accuracy by multiple reveals.  All of which demanded a considerable degree of expertise and technical planning to achieve.

Alamo College Lakeview Campus

The Northeast Lakeview College Campus won the 2010 Award of Excellence in the higher education category in Texas Construction’s Best of Texas Award program. As the primary concrete contractor for the Northeast Lakeview College Campus project our scope of work included the construction of four multi-story story cast-in-place buildings, and one multi-story tilt-up building clad with 30 ft. cast-in-place architectural  panels. In addition to the creation of a campus commons, the project saw the development of 370,000 sq. ft. of academic facilities across several campus buildings including a library, a performing arts center, a fine arts faculty, an elevated parking garage and a student services building.  As if the size and scale of the project wasn’t daunting enough, 62 days of rain lead to a total revision of the construction schedule, requiring us to deliver 2-shifts per day, 7-days a week to meet the client’s fall semester completion deadline.