Martifer Hirschfeld Wind Energy Plant

San Angelo, TX

In addition to site preparation and excavation, our scope of work for this San Angelo, Texas industrial facility that was designed for the production of steel towers for wind turbine generators, included the placement of a 234,000 sq. ft. factory floor slab, hardened to withstand loads in excess of 5,000 psi, and the placement of 1 mile of perimeter grade beams.  Additionally, the design called for the installation of two 60-tonne rail cranes operating along a rail system supported by 249 cast-in-place piers located to tolerances of 1/8 inch or less on a vertical and horizontal plane.

Project Details

  • Project Type: Civil
  • Owner: Martifer Energy Systems, LLC
  • Contractor: Martifer Energy Systems, LLC
  • Contract Value: $3,492,738
  • Completion Date: October, 2009